Who We Are

Aneeva is led by a team of seasoned business professionals, with proven expertise in business development, sales and technology across multiple industry sectors and markets in Europe.


Jakob Melchior, Director of Projects,
Partner and Co-Founder

Jakob (at) Aneeva.com

Jakob Melchior

Good questions outrank easy answers.” (Paul Samuelson)

For well over a decade, Jakob has been working on accelerating business in Western Europe and Israel. Prior to founding Aneeva in 2003, he served as Business Development Director at the Fantine Group, specializing in Europe. Before that, he was the Outreach Director for The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEC).

His academic background in Economics and Political Science has proven advantageous in closing many deals with large corporate companies and government organizations. He is a strong and persistent negotiator and deal maker, and has used these business skills to achieve multiple sales and distribution agreements for Aneeva’s clients.

Through his personal involvement in dozens of client projects, Jakob has acquired extensive experience in international business relations. Professionally proficient in multiple European languages, he has a particular flair for bridging cultural and linguistic gaps.


Gideon Silberman, Director of Business Development,
Partner and Co-Founder

Gideon (at) Aneeva.com

“… solutions don’t come from individuals but rather experience.” (Shannon Alder)

Gideon’s strength is finding smart and simple solutions to complex business problems. Prior to founding Aneeva in 2003, Gideon worked for nine years in the aviation industry, where he was responsible for generating millions of dollars in annual transactions.

Using a systematic approach to business and lead management, Gideon has proven success in managing a large number of sales pipelines. He is recognized as a skilled motivator with a good strategic overview of the business landscapes.

Professionally proficient in five European languages, Gideon holds an MBA degree as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Logistics. Leveraging this knowledge, together with his real-world business experience in Europe, Gideon has managed projects that produce recurring revenues for Aneeva’s clients across a wide variety of industries.


Ron Tschernia, Associate Partner
Ron (at) Aneeva.com 

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” (Seneca)

Ron brings more than 15 years of international business experience to Aneeva. Using his excellent business vision, Ron is quite adept at identifying new business opportunities for Aneeva’s clients.

With an academic background and professional experience in the fields of Social Work, Life Coaching and Business Administration, Ron has an innate ability to perceive business situations and understand his associates. On numerous occasions, Ron’s client and business relationships have turned into personal friendships.

Ron is a strong believer in solid and exhaustive market research, which directly translates into meeting targets and very satisfied clients. His work ethic and perseverance make even the toughest assignment possible.


Dr. Sylvia Kachalsky, Freelance Consultant
Sylvia (at) Aneeva.com

“Everything should be simplified as much as possible.  But not one bit further.” (Albert Einstein)

With a strong academic background and 15 years experience in the biotech industry, Dr. Kachalsky is in charge of all of Aneeva’s life science projects. Her rich business experience includes nine years as CEO for three different biotech startup companies. In addition to life science projects, Dr. Kachalsky is also involved in Aneeva’s Granting and Technology Scouting projects.

She holds a Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute of Science and two post doctorates.
Dr. Kachalsky works as a freelance consultant for Aneeva


Geoffrey Cohen, Marketing Manager
Geoffrey (at) Aneeva.com

“We are building tools that amplify a human ability.” (Steve Jobs)”

After earning a BA in economics and East Asian studies from SUNY Albany (NY, USA), Geoffrey launched a career bridging culture and technology gaps. Among his accomplishments is a broad range of training materials and online demos tailored to companies striving to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Over the past 25 years, Geoffrey has worked with companies integrating cutting-edge GPS technologies to serve field units in the military, consolidated user interface designs for leading pay‑TV providers and helped introduce the first hosted VoIP and peering projects that enhanced communications while reducing infrastructure expenditure. He has worked extensively with startups developing website technologies, such as personalization and in-page web analytics that can enhance the web surfing experience.

Geoffrey has recently taken the lead on promoting Aneeva’s newest business acceleration services: European and US Federal grant management for companies researching innovative technologies and scientific breakthroughs, exhibition optimization for sales-hungry businesses struggling to target relevant prospects and business matchmaking for organization or associations with visiting delegations.