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Aneeva offers business acceleration services to companies in the Telecom, IT, New Media, Homeland Security, Watertech, Alternative Energy, Life Sciences and Government sectors.

Homeland Security, Telecom
Driving Ongoing Revenues from Return Customers

Aneeva has been working as Verint's direct sales representative in the highly competitive Scandinavian market for several years with excellent results.

Our sales focus is on products and solutions from Verint's Communications and Cyber Intelligence Division, which are targeted at both government agencies and telecom operators.

Aneeva's efforts have brought numerous new customers to Verint and resulted in recurring income from return customers across the region.

Duration: several years

Event Optimization and Technology Scouting

A delegation of 15 Danish life sciences, pharma and medical device companies, sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Technology and Innovation, participated in an important Biomed industry event in Israel. Prior to the event, the Ministry asked Aneeva to set up meetings between Danish companies and potential Israeli partners. The purpose of the matchmaking efforts was to maximize results and return on investment from the event.

Aneeva studied the technologies of all 15 participants, their needs and their commercial objectives. We used this information to map 450 Israeli companies and organizations that potentially fit the needs of the various Danish companies.

The results of these efforts were 84 meetings of 15 minutes each over a three hour event. Following the event, the participants described 79 of the 84 meetings as “relevant and successful.”

Three of these meetings concluded with handshakes on future deals.

Duration: one time project of three weeks

Competitive Analysis & Channel Development

RADWIN Ltd. used Aneeva's market penetration services to enter the Scandinavian wireless broadband market.

As part of the market analysis, Aneeva's experts produced a sophisticated and detailed mapping of competitors' local activities. In addition, Aneeva helped RADWIN in identifying the most appropriate sales channels in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, facilitating the establishment of an effective channel network.

Duration: 4 months

Cellular Systems
Management of Sales Operations in Nordic Region

Schema, a provider of wireless network performance solutions, lacked the resources and knowledge required to set up an effective sales operation in the Nordic region.

Schema chose Aneeva to manage its sales operations throughout the Nordic region due to Aneeva's familiarity with the market, language skills and local presence. In this capacity, Aneeva is responsible for all sales and marketing activities related to mobile operators in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

These efforts include a major sale (six digits in Euros) to Telenor, one of the world's largest mobile operators, as well as forging a valuable partnership with a local integrator.

Duration: several years

Direct Sales Generation

Aneeva acts as a sales representative for Orion, a provider of fuzes for aerial munitions. Based on its local presence and network of contacts, Aneeva has successfully generated direct sales of Orion's military-related equipment through public tenders.

Our ongoing client management efforts have created excellent working relationships between Orion and its customer. Our success in resolving delivery issues has ensured a comfortable position for Orion in future tenders.

Duration: several years

Drive Direct Sales and Build Local Partnerships

Vigilant, a developer and provider of city surveillance equipment and software management solutions, required assistance in penetrating new markets and increasing sales in Scandinavia.

To drive direct sales, Aneeva approached major municipalities and large corporations in the region, while at the same time helping Vigilant to build partnerships with local integrators.

Delivery and results were in line with agreed milestones and marketing plan for the region.

Duration: 20 months

Cellular Systems
Increase Revenues in DACH Region

Boomering is a developer and provider of software solutions that save organizations money in international roaming charges.

Aneeva was hired to identify potential integrators in Germany, who could also function as sales arm for Boomering in the DACH region. Through Aneeva's efforts, Boomering was able to implement a distribution agreement with a system integrator in Germany, covering the DACH region, which five years later is still generating significant annual sales revenues.

Duration: 7 months

Market Feasibility Survey

Aneeva was commissioned by Comability, a provider of subscriber and service operations solutions for the telecom market, to conduct a roadmap survey with major telecom providers in Western Europe.

The purpose of the survey was to ensure that Comability's approach to developing a policy management software tool for telecom providers was aligned with the business needs and expectations of its target market.

Aneeva arranged for and conducted a series of meetings, both with and without the client's technical and sales personnel, in which we presented Comability's software tool to major telecoms and received their valuable feedback.

Duration: 15 months

Event Optimization
In order to improve the productivity of event preparation and increase event ROI, Dblur, a developer of advanced imaging technology for mobile phones, hired Aneeva three years in row to coordinate its meetings with potential customers and partners at the Mobile World Congress (3GSM) conference in Barcelona, the mobile industry's most important event.

Dblur's aim was to bring as many international customers and prospects as possible to its booth, so Aneeva managed the entire process of contacting targets and setting up private 90 minute meetings with a product demo. Each year, Aneeva spent six weeks contacting Dblur's partners and targets worldwide (primarily in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and the USA) to update them on the latest product developments and scheduling meetings at the show. Targets included: mobile handset manufacturers (Nokia, SonyEricsson, Samsung, Motorola, LG), producers of lenses (Fujinon, Largan Precision Co.) developers of sensors (Samsung Electronics LSI, Magachip, Toshiba, Matsushita), chip manufacturers and Media Analysts.

Successful demonstration meetings with potential customers:
Year 1: 13
Year 2: 26
Year 3: 34. All of these meetings (except one) actually took place at the show according to schedule.
Dblur has since been acquired by Tessera.

New media
Channel Development & Sales Generation

Glooq develops and markets a software tool that enables users to add banners and other promotional material to all outgoing email communication. Its main customers are large private and public organizations.

Glooq required assistance in ramping up its channel development and sales generation activities.

Aneeva focused its efforts on increasing direct sales, as well as finding and signing up media agencies and online promoters to serve as resellers. Five years after successful project delivery, Glooq is still enjoying income from the channels Aneeva signed up.

Duration: 9 months

IT Security
Market Estimation Survey

Code Red, a provider of wireless security solutions, commissioned Aneeva to perform a roadmap survey with major banks, financial institutions and large enterprises in Northern Europe.

The purpose of the survey was to understand the IT security threats facing major organizations and the potential impact of a security incident on their mission-critical IT systems.

We identified relevant security managers and conducted interviews with a dozen such organizations. The feedback we collected from decision makers and influencers in the market was instrumental in enabling Code Red to adapt and improve its marketing approach.

Duration: 14 months

Pumps, Sustainable technologies
Technology Scouting

To realize its "High Efficiency Building Platform" vision for 2020, Danish Watertech leader Grundfos is searching for relevant technologies in the US, Far East and one other region yet to be determined.

Based on its intimate knowledge of the Israeli technology arena, Aneeva arranged a three-day introductory tour of the Israeli cleantech and high-tech sectors, for 12 representatives from Grundfos. The first half of the tour was earmarked for company visits, while the second half consisted of a seminar featuring lectures and open discussions with 11 technology companies and two thought leaders. The technology scouting tour gave way to a series of follow-up activities.

Due to proprietary considerations, we are not able to disclose further details.

Communications and VoIP Equipment
Establishment of Distribution Network in Italy

IPGear, a provider of VoIP and NGN gateways, approached Aneeva for assistance in expanding its sales operations to the Italian market.

Within five months, Aneeva used its local resources to set up a distribution network for IPGear. We initiated the process with a local IP event, which resulted in several leads, and managed the negotiations until an agreement was signed between IPGear and an Italian distributor.

Duration: 7 month

Real estate
Indirect Sales Generation

SeaTerra sought assistance in attracting Norwegian buyers for its properties in Cyprus.

Aneeva set up an indirect sales network between SeaTerra and relevant real estate agencies in Norway. Indirect real estate sales of approximately £1M were generated over the course of 12 months.

Duration: 12 month

Communications, VoIP Equipment
Revenue Generation via Distributor Agreements

Teles NGN, a provider of VoIP and NGN equipment for service providers and large corporations, commissioned Aneeva to set up its distribution network in Scandinavia.

Over a six-month period, Aneeva conducted intensive VAR screening, including dozens of meetings and follow-up initiatives with both VARs and telecom providers. The evaluation process also included a number of testing and pilot projects.

The outcome of Aneeva's work was the establishment of distribution agreements in all target countries, which generate tens of thousands of Euros in monthly revenues.

Duration: 14 months


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