Business Matchmaking Events

Are you organizing an event for foreign companies in your local market?

Aneeva recently brought together 70 companies from Sweden, Denmark and Israel during a conference / exhibition, and coordinated almost 250 meetings of 20 minutes each.  More than 75% of the meetings were rated as good matches, with an estimated deal flow of 40 commercial deals and research projects.




How Aneeva Matchmaking Works

Aneeva facilitates highly relevant business meetings by leveraging trade events, conferences, business delegations visiting to a foreign country and universities looking for industrial corporate partners, in any technology or life science sector.

The Matchmaking service typically includes the following targeted activities:

  • Aneeva emails an in-house target list of local companies in the specific industry relevant, based on the needs and expectations of each of the participants
  • Follow up by personal calls to all local targets
  • Evaluate match / no match strength
  • Schedule meetings
  • Prepare agenda for each meeting (optional)
  • Send maps and directions to the meeting venue
  • Send meeting reminders (SMS/email) to the targets prior to the event
  • Create and distribute:

> Profiles of all participants
> Meeting schedule matrix
> Contact list of all participants and target companies / organizations

  • Ensure that all logistics in connection with the matchmaking event runs smoothly, including:

> Venue choice
> Refreshments
> Table settings
> Badges
> Feedback forms

Take a look at the statistics from our BioMed 2013 Matchmaking Event organized on behalf of the Embassies of Denmark and Sweden.


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