Industry Event Optimization Services

Shouldn't you be getting more BANG for your buck?

Typical Scenario:

Your company put two months of intensive preparation into your exhibit at the premier industry event. Your booth design was awesome, your CTO's speaking session was packed and dozens of leads dropped by your booth. But two months later you've only managed to squeeze few meetings out of those leads and the sales prospect is still remote.


Transform your company's event participation into a winning business investment

Aneeva schedules high quality sales meetings with targeted and prepped prospects.  Targets are prioritized based on your company's needs and may include end customers, system integrators, VARs and even media analysts.

Year after year, post-event client surveys show that Aneeva's service is a highly effective way to drive sales and maximize ROI from an industry event.

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The Event Optimization Service typically includes the following targeted activities:

  • Aneeva emails your target list of companies for specific industry events
  • Follow up by personal calls to all targets
  • Identify additional people from the same target organization who will be attending
  • Schedule meetings
  • Prepare agenda for each meeting (demo, presentation, etc. / optional)
  • Confirming the meeting and agenda
  • Send maps and directions to the meeting venue
  • Send meeting reminders (SMS/email) to the targets prior to the event
  • Create and distribute the meeting schedule matrix


Get more BANG for your BUCK at your next industry event!

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