Proven Process

The process begins with a one-week discovery stage, aimed at allowing us to clearly understand the special characteristics of your company's product or service, as well as your investment philosophy and goals. We conduct a face-to-face interview session and follow-up calls/emails with key client personnel, where we cover product and service offerings, buyer profiles, marketing strategies, competitive landscape, distribution network, business objectives and priorities.

We then perform our own extensive market research and analysis from a wide variety of public sources and media in several languages. This includes an analysis of competitors and their sales channels (e.g., distributors). The information gathered in this effort is used in part to build our own database of potential contacts/companies/organizations that may be targeted at a later stage. Then we call a few of these relevant contacts to enable us to get a better "feel" for the market and its needs.

We conclude the discovery stage with a plan of action for achieving your business goals, committing Aneeva's resources to the project and defining terms and conditions. Once we agree on the work plan, Aneeva begins the process of setting up meetings with your potential partners and customers to accelerate your business and increase your sales.


"Can Do" Attitude

Aneeva combines its proven work processes with a tireless "can do" attitude which we believe is the key to delivering successful and timely results.  We understand that if you want to do business in Western Europe, you need to focus on a particular niche and then arm yourself with patience and perseverance.

While there are no guarantees, what you always get with Aneeva is persistence, hard work and a very high probability of success. We believe in a teamwork-based approach, and work hand-in-hand with your sales and business teams at all times.


Location, Location, Location

We speak your language, as well as the many languages spoken in the countries in which you are looking to do business. Aneeva's market experts are well-versed in local business culture, helping you overcome both language and bureaucratic obstacles with respect to bringing your product or service to market in Western Europe.

Putting together a list of contacts in a new European market can require a great deal of research.  Once you've got a list, the challenge remains for the sales department to set up meetings on its own with a company decision maker or high ranking government official.

Aneeva gives you a running start by leveraging its extensive pool of personal contacts to help you develop a list of qualified contacts in your target market. Moreover, our local presence and understanding of business nuances enables us to "squeeze" the information you need from potential customers and partners in order to gain a competitive advantage.


Time Is Money

A major challenge in trying to set up a new sales operation abroad is managing from a distance. Everything becomes more complicated and takes longer without a local presence. Knowing who to call is often the critical first step towards success, and the answer is often far from obvious. Aneeva saves you both time and money in getting your operation off the ground.  Rather than wasting time trying to find the right person to talk to, Aneeva's local team makes sure that the people you need to speak with begin calling you.