Maximize Non-Equity Funding and Research Grants in Europe

Aneeva's Granting service is designed to help technology startups maximize their non‑equity funding by implementing an effective grant strategy, ensuring compliance with grant evaluation guidelines and avoiding costly mistakes. Aneeva specializes in grant evaluation for the Life Sciences, Watertech, IT and Electronics sectors, among others.

Aneeva's Granting service is headed by a professional and experienced European grant evaluator. We have achieved a 100% approval rate over the last 36 months for grant applications filed on behalf of organizations, universities or private companies looking for public EU granting.


What We Do

The Grant Support service provides companies with an end-to-end solution covering the key stages of the granting process:

  • Grant Evaluation – A certified EU grant evaluator reviews your application, making sure you avoid common mistakes and hidden pitfalls that could result in rejection.  Aneeva corrects your grant application, as required, to ensure compliance with the evaluation guidelines and objectives, as well as verifying that the application form is filled out properly and that the project outline is coherent with the objectives of the granting body.
  • Grant Strategy – Selecting the right grant strategy is essential for maximizing grant value and ensuring the future of your business. There are different types of grants and choosing a grant must be based on a careful examination of its business implications in both the short and long term. Aneeva also assists you in finding the right partners and enlisting their support, as well as structuring collaboration agreements between partners.
  • Project Management – This includes handling all the agreements and NDA’s, as well as supervising budgets. Project management also includes the time-consuming tasks of logistics and meetings, including follow up and action items.


How You Benefit

  • Find the most appropriate grant opportunities
  • Submit the highest quality grant applications
  • Minimize grant amounts
  • Minimize cost and risk of grant rejection
  • Focus your valuable resources on R&D
  • Expand partnering opportunities beyond the grant


Don't leave money on the table!
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