Market Penetration

Enter New Markets and Increase Current Sales

Aneeva’s Market Penetration services are designed to help companies overcome the unique challenges associated with breaking into and expanding current sales in new Western European markets. Getting a new product or service off the ground in your home market is difficult enough – add to that the cultural and language diversity across Western Europe – and you've got "mission impossible". That's where Aneeva fits in. Our in-depth knowledge and familiarity with each specific market, based on local staff that understand the business mentality, produces measurable results and saves our clients valuable time and resources.

When it comes to developing new markets, Aneeva identifies the most promising niche markets to focus on, as well as helping to fine-tune the go-to-market plan to best address the key players for specific markets.  We can apply a direct sales approach or structure deals with local sales partners (VARs, distributors and integrators.


What We Do

  • Identify targets and create leads – The initial stage consists of identifying targets and compiling a list of potential customers, channel partners and OEMs (where applicable). Aneeva proactively seeks out new sales opportunities in the relevant territories based on your areas of priority. This may include, for example, contacting dozens of targets in a particular segment, ongoing screening of media, events and other information sources for relevant projects, meetings and periodic calls to relevant targets, and monitoring of upcoming tenders, RFIs, etc. To maximize your ROI from events and trade shows, Aneeva also offers a full range of event optimization services (including recommending which events to attend).
  • Business development – Aneeva makes contact with potential resellers and distributors, presents your company to them and gauges their level of interest. As the discussions progress, we assist both sides in finding common grounds for working together, including contract negotiations and follow-up. If necessary, Aneeva also sets up direct meetings between you and the most appropriate and interested channel partners.
  • Execute sales conversion activities – In very simple terms, this is the ongoing and continued contact per phone, email and meetings with relevant targets to ensure that leads turn into customers. By outsourcing these activities to local Aneeva staff, you save both time and money while your team can continue to focus on their core tasks. Aneeva understands the local culture and speak the right languages, which means we can execute these tasks faster than our customers. We also leverage our personal relationships with potential customers and partners, where applicable. In addition, as a new entrant to the market, you immediately benefit from our team's extensive experience in selling technologies, services and solutions in your target market.
  • Generate ongoing sales from return customers – At Aneeva we are focused on providing our clients with long-term value. The first sale to a customer is important – but that's not enough to assure a return order. To help you achieve return customers, Aneeva accompanies you for as long as needed to ensure that you understand the expectations of your customers in terms of product, price and service. We proactively contact your customers to understand their current and future needs so you can adapt your product accordingly. In addition, Aneeva provides ongoing account management of the relevant channel partner, country or region with periodic performance evaluations.


How You Benefit

  • Rapid entry into new Western European markets
  • Overcome sales barriers due to wide diversity of cultures and languages in Western Europe
  • Leverage expert knowledge and business focus on Western European markets
  • Gain local presence and resources in your target market – no need to hire or relocate
  • Work according to proven, results-oriented methodology for market penetration
  • Create basis for expansion through sales channel development