Technology Scouting

Aneeva’s Technology Scouting services are designed for large Western European companies (e.g., industrial conglomerates, media houses, financial institutions, multi-national corporations) looking for new technologies in the areas of Life Sciences, Watertech, New Media, Telecommunication, Cleantech and Renewable Energy. In order to enhance their product/service portfolio, such companies typically maintain teams that are constantly involved in identifying current and emerging trends within specified technological areas, weighing alternatives, and comparing vendors.

Given the large number of vendors and the vast amount of publicly available information, European companies often lack both the knowledge and resources to identify and evaluate the relevant options. Based on its intimate knowledge of the Israeli high-tech sector, Aneeva provides European companies with the key business intelligence they require in choosing an Israeli technology vendor.


What We Do

  • Initial screening and analysis – Based on each client's specific needs (e.g., technology integration, OEM, M&A), Aneeva assembles an extensive list of possible candidates, and then performs an initial business and background analysis of each company in the list. In some cases, Aneeva discreetly contacts other companies in the client's sector to better understand market trends and emerging technologies.
  • Due diligence on short-listed companies – Once the client has identified a short list (5-10) of companies that potentially are a good match, Aneeva performs a technical due diligence on these companies and prepares in-depth profiles on the customer’s selected short list.
  • Meeting with technology vendor – Once a customer has made a final choice, Aneeva sets up a first round of meetings for the client to carefully assess the chosen technology first-hand and explore possibilities for a joint effort in the future. In some cases, Aneeva also assists its clients throughout the vendor negotiation process.


How You Benefit

  • Save time and effort from your internal resources in technology vendor selection
  • Allows for discreet examination of technology trends without alerting potential competitors
  • Gain a competitive advantage by accelerating the decision-making process
  • Leverage expert knowledge and business focus on Israel's technology market
  • Facilitate communication with Israeli vendors based on Aneeva's local team


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